SCTi is now offering training courses on cooling and air flow management best practices.

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Cooling accounts for 40 to 60% of the total energy cost of your data center. As energy costs continue to climb this will have a major impact on the company's bottom line.

Due to the increasing rack heat loads in data centres,  equipment cooling and air management have become major issues. The concept of flooding the facility with cold air is neither energy efficient nor operationally efficient. Properly designed air management systems reduce energy costs, enable the increase of data centers density capacity, and reduce heat related load processing failures. 

Changes in IT equipment operating standards and the 2011 ASHRAE guidelines for temperature and humidity conditions in data centers have opened the door to energy savings opportunities.  Understanding how to optimize air flow while maintaining the right environment for IT equipment is key to dealing with heat issues and generating substantial energy savings. In our experience virtually every data center can easily achieve energy savings of 30% or more.

 SCTi has the expertise to help companies improve and optimize data center cooling and air flow management.  Services include energy audits, air flow mapping using computerized modeling, thermal studies and efficiency testing.  We have the experience to facilitate the management of your data centre, reduce operating costs and extend the life of existing facilities while greatly reducing energy costs. Our clients include government, technology and retail companies and health organizations.


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